The 4 Best Free Keyword Tool Pro!,

There's no shortage of tools purpose-built for từ khoá research (literally hundreds of them), và they run the gamut from beginner-focused to highly advanced. They also range from totally basic và unhelpful to lớn super valuable.

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When done right, the best từ khóa research tools simplify and streamline your workflow—they make it easier lớn find the right từ khoá to target & give you the data you need khổng lồ actually rank for them. But they shouldn't require you khổng lồ empty out your bank account and sell your first-born child in order khổng lồ access that data.

After years of working with multiple clients who use all different tools for keywords research & SEO nội dung optimization, I've seen the best (and the worst) of them—and I know how important it is to lớn choose the right keyword planner tool. Khổng lồ help, I considered over 70 tools with a free option for keyword research. After in-depth testing, here are the four best không lấy phí keyword research tools, including the all-around greats và apps built for more specific use cases.

The best không tính phí keyword research tools

What makes the best keywords research tool?

How we evaluate & test apps

Our best apps roundups are written by humans who've spent much of their careers using, testing, và writing about software. Unless explicitly stated, we spend dozens of hours researching & testing apps, using each app as it's intended to lớn be used và evaluating it against the criteria we set for the category. We're never paid for placement in our articles from any phầm mềm or for liên kết to any site—we value the trust readers put in us to offer authentic evaluations of the categories và apps we review. For more details on our process, read the full rundown of how we select apps to feature on the Zapier blog.

The features that make for a great từ khoá research tool are pretty straightforward: you tìm kiếm for a given keyword, và the tool tells you about it. But there are so many different ways khổng lồ use từ khóa data, so I wanted khổng lồ find tools that could handle a variety of use cases, along with a few designed for some of the most popular uses for keyword research.

During testing, I looked primarily at the factors below lớn determine which apps made our initial list.

Data sources. You should be able lớn trust that your keywords data is không tính tiền of errors & biases, so considering where the data in each từ khoá research tool comes from was an important step for us. Every tool we included pulls data in from google analytics or Google tìm kiếm Console at a minimum.

Keyword optimization guidance. You shouldn't have khổng lồ be a 10-year SEO industry veteran lớn use keywords research tools—the best tools offer simple, straightforward suggestions to optimize for your keywords. There are tools (like Ahrefs, Semrush, & Moz) that vì complete SEO analysis on your site, checking for everything from site speed and technical details to domain name authority và topic clusters. That's not what we're looking for here. We're looking for tools that any business owner or marketer can use to lớn quickly understand their target keyword & optimize their site to lớn rank for it.

Free plan allowances and upgrades. Some tools include super limited results for không tính phí and gọi it a "free plan." Or they put time limits on the miễn phí plan, effectively making it more of a trial. I only included tools with evergreen không tính tiền plans generous enough to lớn actually be useful—and they won't break the bank when it's time to upgrade, either.

Standalone functionality. Since you're looking for something free, your từ khoá tool should be a one-stop shop—without requiring any additional tools or extensions to work for you, especially not ones you'd have to lớn pay for.

To find the best of the best, I put each tool that checked those boxes lớn the chạy thử by running through an in-depth protocol. Here's what my testing workflow looked like:

If needed, I created an account và went through any provided onboarding or guided tutorials (many of these không tính tiền apps don't require tài khoản creation or provide any onboarding).

I checked which related keywords, metrics, and other data were offered. I also made cảnh báo of the source, whether information was pulled from Google, included non-search engine websites (like social truyền thông media or forums), or was drawn from the tool's own native data.

I verified allowances for the không tính tiền plan—whether limited by time, number of results, metrics included, searches per day or month, or something else—and the cost lớn upgrade khổng lồ a paid plan if needed.

Where available, I tested out additional keywords research tools like competitive gap analysis, nội dung optimization features, & more.

After spending over a dozen hours with these apps this year, I landed on the four best từ khóa research tools—each with a manageable không lấy phí version—below.

The best free keyword research tools at a glance

Best for

Stand-out feature

Free plan

Moz từ khóa Explorer

An all-around solution

"Priority" score for determining valuable keywords

10 queries per tool per month, with 1,000 keyword suggestions và 10 SERP analyses per query

Google từ khóa Planner

Researching paid keywords

Forecasting features and budget planning

Completely không tính phí (but you get more out of it if you use Google Ads)

Ahrefs không tính tiền SEO Tools


Includes từ khoá research for You
Tube, Amazon, and Bing

Free keyword Generator with up lớn 150 từ khoá suggestions; keyword Difficulty Checker with difficulty score and SERP analysis for the top 10 results


Advanced SEO professionals

Granular keywords data

10 Analytics reports per day, 10 tracked keywords


Moz pros:

More approachable data presentation than many other tools

"Priority" score makes it easy khổng lồ find the keywords worth chasing

Broad mix of tools available for free

Moz cons:

Less data than more robust tools

Free plan only includes 10 queries per tool per month

Moz's SEO platform offers several different tools designed for từ khoá research. While Moz doesn't include as many data points as some of the other full-featured SEO tools (like SERP position history or the total number of keyword a competing result ranks for), I'd consider that a benefit. It makes for a less overwhelming user experience for those who aren't professional search marketers, without skimping on the metrics you really want.

With the keywords Explorer tool, you can tìm kiếm any từ khóa you choose and see its monthly volume, difficulty, & organic clickthrough rate (CTR). Scroll down from there khổng lồ see an analysis of current results ranking for it and suggestions for similar keywords.

My favorite feature: Moz includes a "Priority" score that simplifies keyword research by giving you the bottom line on whether a keyword is worth chasing for you. Moz automatically calculates the score based on the keyword's volume, organic CTR, & difficulty, along with your "My Score"—a metric you set yourself, designating how important a given từ khoá is to lớn your business, based on your own expertise và knowledge of your business and industry.

Plus, with the keywords Gap feature (part of the Competitive Research tool), you can find all the từ khoá your competitors rank for that you don't.

Moz pricing: keywords research features are available for không lấy phí for up to lớn 10 queries per tool per month with up to lớn 1,000 từ khóa suggestions and 10 SERP analyses per query; Moz Pro plans start at $99/month for 150 từ khóa queries per month


Google từ khóa Planner pros:

Completely không tính tiền forever, even if you don't use Google Ads

Helpful forecasting features for budgeting if you do use Google Ads

Can pull keyword suggestions from just your website

Google từ khoá Planner cons:

Not helpful for organic keywords research

When it comes to PPC từ khoá research, Google từ khoá Planner is one of the best tools out there. It's completely miễn phí (even if you don't buy Google Ads), so you never have to lớn worry about running into limits or expensive upgrades.

Google keywords Planner includes two main features: one for exploratory keyword research & discovery & another for more in-depth research on search volume and forecasting.

The "Keyword ideas" feature is similar to lớn many of the tools on this list: you search for a seed term, and it generates other từ khóa ideas, along with details on monthly search volume, change over time, competition, ad impression share, and bid ranges. You can refine your keyword menu by brand or non-brand keywords, source website, & more. If you're also using Google Ads, the "Forecast" feature makes it easier to lớn plan ahead for your paid ads & budget in advance.

Keyword Planner can inform your organic strategy, too, by showing you where ranking organically may help you save on PPC costs.

Google keyword Planner pricing: Free


Ahrefs pros:

Free tools cover a broad array of SEO use cases

Super simple lớn use

Includes keyword research for non-search engines (You
Tube, Amazon, Bing)

Ahrefs cons:

Limited amount of data available for free

While you can't access the full Ahrefs suite for free, the company offers a surprisingly robust phối of miễn phí SEO tools that are perfect for doing simple từ khoá research. The free suite includes a free Keyword Generator, keyword Difficulty Checker, keyword Rank Checker, and keyword research for You
Tube, Amazon, and Bing, among other tools.

The keyword generator includes up khổng lồ 150 keywords ideas for miễn phí (100 phrase match keywords and 50 question-based keywords), along with data on monthly tìm kiếm volume for each và keyword difficulty for the vị trí cao nhất 10 results. The từ khoá difficulty tool includes a difficulty score, estimated number of liên kết needed to lớn rank, and SERP analysis for the top 10 results.

None of these tools will give you the depth of data you'd get from a paid account, but the suite's breadth is a strength. Taken together, Ahrefs free tools can handle just about anything a basic SEO operation needs—keyword research, yes, but also liên kết building, trang web audits, ranking và traffic monitoring, and more. And if your budget changes, you can upgrade khổng lồ a tool that rivals the best of the best.

Ahrefs pricing: không tính tiền Keyword Generator includes up khổng lồ 150 từ khoá suggestions with limited data, and Keyword Difficulty Checker includes difficulty score, link estimate, and basic SERP overview; paid plans start at $99/month for 500 tìm kiếm credits per month, additional data, & up to 5 từ khóa lists.


Semrush pros:

Tons of granular keywords data

Wide range of specialized keyword research tools

Pretty generous không tính phí plan

Semrush cons:

Can be overwhelming for those less experienced with keyword research

Most expensive upgrade

If you're looking for something more advanced, Semrush shares a ton of từ khoá data and makes it easy to dig into the details, like SERP features (featured snippet, reviews, site links, image pack, and so on) and granular analysis of current results. Semrush offers a broad range of từ khoá research tools, too, from the standard traffic and tìm kiếm volume data to content-driven từ khoá research và competitive từ khoá gap analysis.

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That range is what really sets Semrush apart, including the standard keywords Overview, the keywords Magic Tool for exploratory từ khóa research, a từ khóa Manager và position tracking, competitive keyword Gap analysis, và Organic Traffic Insights, which—when connected with your web analytics or search Console account—can uncover those famously tricky "not provided" keywords.

As an added bonus, the SEO nội dung Template tool lets you automatically create a content brief and optimize content as you write by grading your nội dung in real-time for readability, originality, tone of voice, & SEO: it uses a handy bullseye graphic lớn help you strike the right balance. Plus, the tool visually checks off SEO recommendations (like using your target and related keywords & adding relevant links and images) as you go.

All of this means that upgrading will cost you a pretty penny—but you can use it for không lấy phí at low volumes lớn start.

You can bởi more with Semrush by connecting with Zapier to keep track of SEO tasks across Semrush & your project management tool, automate site audits and re-crawls, connect with google analytics goals, & more. Here are some examples:

Bobby Ong, Co-Founder, Coin
Gecko Get từ khóa Tool Pro! 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked





100% Accurate Google & Bing search Volume Data

Search volume for Google (Bing) keyword in từ khóa Tool EXACTLY matches numbers from Google (Bing) keywords Planner.

Get Precise Monthly search Volume Data (And Not Ranges)

100% accurate search volume from google adwords or Bing.

check Search Volume In Bulk For ANY keyword List

Get search volume data for up khổng lồ 100,000 keywords a day.

Do you want lớn find keyword relevant khổng lồ your website with high tìm kiếm volume and low competition? từ khóa that would bring targeted visitors lớn your trang web who are interested in your content, products or services? Or even từ khóa your competitors don"t know about và hence, are easy to lớn rank for?

Sometimes, it may be hard to lớn find great từ khoá using Google từ khóa Planner or other conventional từ khóa research tools available today. The truth is, 90% of từ khoá research tools are using the same mix of keywords that are pulled from Google từ khoá Planner. And most likely your competitors are already trying hard to rank for those same keywords.

Want khổng lồ stand out from the crowd và target fresh từ khoá that are easy to lớn rank for? Then you need to lớn have access to lớn unique data which only từ khoá Tool Pro can provide you.

“ Ad
Words is omitting data to bias advertisers toward certain từ khoá Rand Fishkin, Founder of

Can you imagine how frustrating it would be khổng lồ compile a các mục of keywords, only to realize that they are incredibly competitive?

Most websites today are targeting the same, fairly limited mix of từ khoá that come from Google keyword Planner. Fortunately, there is a much easier way khổng lồ get ahead of your competitors & discover highly relevant, precise từ khóa with low competition.

While Google keyword Planner hides most of these lucrative keywords, the good news is, with keywords Tool Pro there is a shortcut to lớn finding these great keywords.

has enabled us lớn quickly identify SEO growth opportunities, vị keyword research at scale, và gather data at different geo levels. Its intuitive UX & advanced keywords filtering have played a significant role in the international expansion of our SEO program. Personally, I have used Keyword for more than 6 years, & it has proved to lớn be an excellent software for start-ups, agencies và enterprises. Luis Rodriguez - Global Growth SEO Lead - Uber published an article, "The most popular drive-thru in each state in the USA", in which they said:

" was used to discover the average monthly search volume và trend (%) of each drive thru - the results are accurate as of đôi mươi Aug 2021. From this we"re able lớn understand the most searched for và top trending drive thrus per state. Where tìm kiếm volume was used we needed khổng lồ understand the relative popularity in relation to the size of the location, therefore using per capita (per 100,000) we were able to standardise the impact of locations to truly show the "most popular" drive thrus by state & city in the US."

They were able to lớn create a chất lượng article with accurate data that ONLY từ khóa Tool could provide. The interesting article got so popular, that even Fox Business did a whole blog post on it.

Don"t you want to create highly unique & share-worthy content like this too? Get từ khóa Tool Pro! 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked

Most tìm kiếm engines, including Google, have a feature called Autocomplete. Everyone who searches for something online uses it every day. Usually, only the most popular and relevant keywords make their way into the Autocomplete. That is why many of the world"s best digital sale experts agree that it is an incredibly precious source of keywords ideas.

We have found a way lớn get great relevant keywords that are often hidden in Google từ khoá Planner using the Autocomplete feature of Google & other search engines. Our technical insights allow us lớn dig deep into the Autocomplete of various tìm kiếm engines & extract extremely useful keywords.

“ keyword Tool is used by many leading SEO"s to find long-tail và related keywords. Relying on Google"s autocomplete feature, it gives you quick access khổng lồ popular tìm kiếm terms that you may not think to search for in Google"s từ khoá Planner Forbes

While the không lấy phí version of từ khoá Tool provides only up lớn 5 autocomplete suggestions for a single search term, keyword Tool Pro will give up khổng lồ 10 keywords for one search term on Google, You
Tube, và Bing, 10 từ khóa on Amazon, 10 keywords on e
Bay, & 5 từ khoá on Google Play Store. Which means that you will get on average two times more từ khoá suggestions for every tìm kiếm that you make using keyword Tool Pro.

These additional keywords, which are only available from từ khóa Tool Pro, are keyword that you most likely will never find using other keyword research tools or Google từ khoá Planner.

Keyword Tool Pro will help you to discover profitable keyword with high search volume & low competition. The keywords, that your competitors will never be able lớn find by using Google Autocomplete web interface, Google từ khóa Planner or other không lấy phí and paid keywords research tools.

There is no doubt that Keyword is the best keywords research tool which allows me khổng lồ find and explore the right keywords. Umit Yilmaz, SEO Manager at e
Bay Turkey

Ever wondered where your competitors are getting their traffic from? With keywords Tool Pro"s competitor analysis tool, you won"t have lớn worry about it anymore.

Just enter your competitor"s website URL in the tool & Keyword Tool Pro will return ALL the từ khóa they are ranking for, including their search volume, trends, & how competitive the keyword are.

All the data is 100% accurate & up to date, so you can start targeting those keywords và give your website a powerful boost to attract even more leads! You"ll never miss out on any opportunity with us.

This valuable feature is only available lớn our từ khóa Tool Pro subscribers, so subscribe now to have access to these hidden gems immediately!

Find out which từ khóa your competitors are ranking for so you don"t fall behind và target them too!
has enabled us to lớn quickly identify SEO growth opportunities, vì chưng keyword research at scale, và gather data at different geo levels. Its intuitive UX & advanced từ khoá filtering have played a significant role in the international expansion of our SEO program. Personally, I have used Keyword for more than 6 years, and it has proved lớn be an excellent software for start-ups, agencies and enterprises. Luis Rodriguez - Global Growth SEO Lead - Uber
Leading Czech nội dung and advertising agency C3 Prague takes on using keyword Tool Pro for keywords research

Keyword Tool"s trend feature coupled with its "related keywords" can help you come up with popular blog ideas that you KNOW will drive traffic to your website! Rather than wasting time brainstorming blog ideas that might or might not work, use từ khoá Tool Pro to get hundreds of blog topic ideas that people are searching for!

Come up with blog ideas with "related keywords", and plan your content with the "trends" feature! The trends feature shows you when the keywords is the most popular throughout the year, so you can publish blog posts at just the right time to lớn get the most out of them.

“ "Keyword Tool Pro is my first stop when investigating and vetting ideas for our blog posts. It"s incredibly easy lớn use & understand which saves me tons of time in content development!" Lisa Kalner Williams, nội dung Marketing Director, Agorapulse

With keywords Tool Pro, you"ll have access lớn THOUSANDS of popular & easy words that you can use lớn rank #1 on Google! These are hidden keyword that not even Google từ khoá Planner shows you, so the competition is fairly low as these valuable keyword are just lying around, waiting lớn be ranked by an awesome person like you.

Targeting popular từ khoá that everyone else is competing for will not vì chưng your business any good unless you"re spending hundreds of dollars on advertisment. Why not target hidden keywords with high monthly tìm kiếm volume that no one else knows? Ranking for these keyword is a piece of cake as nobody else is utilizing them.

These are the keyword that will accelerate your business"s growth. Do you want to lớn have the key khổng lồ this treasure box of keywords?

từ khóa Tool Pro shows you competition of every keywords so you can target the perfect keywords.
Get từ khoá Tool Pro! 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked
Why Choose từ khoá Tool Pro

Established in 2014, keywords Tool has quickly grown into one of the world"s most popular từ khóa research tools, helping MILLIONS of marketers from over 190 countries! Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies lớn small-medium enterprises and kinh doanh agencies to startups.

"In a world with 1 billion SEO tools, keywords Tool Pro is the only one that I absolutely use every day. Honing in on the perfect wording when targeting the biggest keywords in entertainment is as essential lớn my job as my coffee mug." Matt Albrecht, SEO Specialist, Billboard và Hollywood Reporter
"If you want your videos to lớn get the maximum amount of viewers, try using từ khóa Tool, which is specific to You
Tube, to lớn look for the most searched keyword in the niche you"re looking to target." Digital kinh doanh Institute

Keyword Tool Pro doesn"t just help you rank high on Google, but also on other popular platforms like:

Tube Bing Amazon e
Bay Apple ứng dụng Store Google Play Store Instagram Twitter Pinterest Etsy Tik
Tok Google Trends

Dominate your industry on all platforms và have a strong online presence to lớn attract as many leads as possible from multiple channels!

Subscribe to từ khóa Tool Pro now khổng lồ get trending and hidden từ khóa opportunities across all popular channels!

The search volume is detailed and great. Also, it"s the only way to lớn get the related searches quick. Other services need anywhere from tens of seconds up lớn several minutes. Ivan Braun, Founder of Icons8
One of the best từ khoá research tools. Dynamic, fast và accurate, it"s perfect for SEO specialists who need keywords, related words, and tìm kiếm volumes. We use it for SEO projects in Italian and international markets, and are happy to recommend it. Paolo Sirtori, Business Development Manager, Naxa
keywords Tool gives us very valuable long-tail keyword for research and content creation for our clients - highly recommended! Jennica Ekström, Manager, web Guide Partner
For the last 3 years, I"ve used keywords Tool Pro khổng lồ refine my content to match relevant tìm kiếm intent, find long-tail từ khoá opportunities, and crunch tìm kiếm volume for large từ khóa lists. Francois Lanthier Nadeau, nội dung & Growth, Snipcart
“ keywords Tool Pro is my first stop when investigating và vetting ideas for our blog posts. It"s incredibly easy khổng lồ use & understand which saves me tons of time in nội dung development! Lisa Kalner Williams, content Marketing Director, Agorapulse
từ khóa Tool helps us not just in keyword research, but also in pitching potential customers. We clearly show them what từ khóa they are missing out in their PPC và SEO. Altan Çolak, Founder và CEO, Sempeak
I need a tool which gives me the relevant từ khoá variations with search volume, và lets me easily copy these over khổng lồ spreadsheets. Từ khoá Tool makes this easier than any other tool I"ve tested. Peder Alstermark, SEO Consultant, We và Partners
từ khoá Tool Pro helps us identify long-tail keywords opportunities. It gives us great insight into từ khóa targeting and nội dung topic opportunities that drive qualified và high converting traffic. Bill Wilkinson, Director of SEO, power nguồn Digital marketing

Want khổng lồ write high-conversion copy lớn multiply your sales? Long-tail từ khóa are your friends! Long-tail keyword are common tìm kiếm phrases that people are searching for to lớn find solutions to lớn their problems. Since they are highly specific, the chances of a lead converting into a customer are very high.

Keyword Tool Pro has helped thousands of clients find long-tail keyword opportunities that have landed customers for them.

Long-tail keyword are not only excellent for high-conversion copy, but they are also easier khổng lồ rank for. Since your trang web is ranking for a highly-specific query that is attracting a niche-specific crowd, you"re naturally attracting high-quality leads that are ready khổng lồ be converted without any extra effort!

Write high-converting copy with popular long-tail keywords that you"ll onlyfind with keywords Tool Pro!

You can use Google itself khổng lồ source topics, just by entering the phrase & seeing what related phrases are suggested. It"s a time consuming process, but you can also use a tool like Keyword
to vị it all at once. It"s a goldmine of ideas for nội dung marketers Unbounce Blog
“ Keyword scans Google Autosuggest và gives you the tìm kiếm volume for each từ khoá entered. It"s a time-saver. Moz

Keyword Tool Pro will not only give you keywords that are hidden from everyone else but will also provide you with necessary data khổng lồ sort và rank the newly discovered keywords. You will be able to see how often people tìm kiếm for a từ khoá on Google (Search Volume), từ khoá which are gaining popularity (Trend), how competitive (Google Ads Competition) as well as how lucrative (CPC) the keyword are.

Keyword Tool Pro is designed to save your time. It works remarkably fast & has a handful of other useful features. You will be able to lớn sort và filter keyword by their search volume, trend, competition level, and cost-per-click data. In addition to that, từ khóa Tool Pro will show you how tìm kiếm volume for a keyword has changed over the last 12 months and will let you export all the data into Excel or CSV file.

“ Similar to lớn a blog post, when you"re planning your video, you need to lớn identify the keyword that you want lớn target. You can use tools like Keyword
khổng lồ see the most searched từ khóa in your niche. "8 Secrets lớn Grow Your You
Tube Channel In 2018 From A You
Tuber With Over 550 Million video Views", Forbes
Keyword is a great way to come up with alternative từ khoá for your content. It proposes keyword that are similar, along with stats regarding the alternative keywords, including search volume và other relevant information. "The Best Resources to lớn Help Grow Kiwi Businesses", Inbound
has enabled us khổng lồ quickly identify SEO growth opportunities, vày keyword research at scale, and gather data at different geo levels. Its intuitive UX & advanced keyword filtering have played a significant role in the international expansion of our SEO program. Personally, I have used Keyword for more than 6 years, and it has proved lớn be an excellent software for start-ups, agencies và enterprises. Luis Rodriguez - Global Growth SEO Lead - Uber
keyword Tool uses Google Autocomplete to generate a danh sách of relevant, long-tail từ khoá suggestions. This tool can help you understand what people are searching for around your topics. For example, bloggers might use a tool lượt thích this to lớn brainstorm blog post titles that will bởi well in search. "4 Helpful Tools For Identifying The Right Keywords", Hubspot Blog
It"s a perfect tool for từ khoá research. is simple, exhaustive, and helps you find valuable (and "rankable") long-tail keywords. "Keyword Tool Review: A Simple, Useful Research Tool For SEO", Nectafy
khổng lồ discover good keywords opportunities, I highly recommend Use keyword Tool and key in your thương hiệu or product lớn generate an extensive danh sách of keywords and questions. "Effective keywords Research - The Start khổng lồ Great Marketing", That content Guy

Using từ khoá Tool Pro, You Will Be Able khổng lồ Get:

Twice as many từ khoá compared to the không lấy phí version of keyword Tool 100% accurate Google search volume that can be localized khổng lồ 192 countries, 55,700+ individual locations và 46 languages 100% accurate Bing search volume data Accurate estimated tìm kiếm volume for You
Tube, Amazon, e
Bay, app Store, Play Store, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Etsy, and Tik
Tok màn chơi of competition on adwords Suggested bid on adwords Ability to get tìm kiếm volume data for your list of keywords Ability to lớn export all the data into Excel or CSV file

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